1.How can I enroll my child?

Call the school office to arrange an interview. Registration fee payable upon application for enrollment. The following forms are required before enrollment become official: certificate of immunization, and a yearly physical completed and signed by your physician.

2.What ages of children do you accept?

We enroll children ages 2 1/2 through age 5 for preschool and pre-kindergarten.

3.What would it cost to enroll my child?

Please call the office to enquire about our current rates. We are a Qualistar rated program and enrolled with Denver pre-school program fro children in the year before kindergarten.

4.What are your hours?

School is in session on a year-round basis, Monday through Friday. We open at 8:00am and close at 5:00pm.

5.Are you Hiring?

Please call the school office to find out if we are currently hiring, but the employees we seek ( usually for part-time work) are experienced in working with children, patient, well-versed in behavioral redirection, and generally have a B.A. in education or a related field.

6.The school has a cat? Can the children play with it?

Yes and yes. Akida, the school cat, is mellow, playful, and loves to spend her days alternately sleeping and watching the children at work and play.

7.Modified Montessori? What does that mean?

We are a traditional Montessori school in many ways, such as mixed age groupings and focus on child-directed learning, but encourage certain things, such as imaginative play, more than traditional Montessori Schools. An excellent description of Montessori philosophy can be found at the American Montessori Society site. (more info)

9.Do you have a security system?

We have a security system with cameras in the front and back yards.

10.How do I get to the school?