Modified Montessori
ABN Coumbine Style

  1. We teach children to count to ten in Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese, and English
  2. Pray before meals
  3. Work in a group as well as individually
  4. We read fiction, fantasy, and reality scientific based literature
  5. We use Montessori materials and traditional classroom materials
  6. Our Montessori School is individually based to meet each child's needs
  7. Peace Education includes a peace chair and conflict resolution
  8. Cooperation and respect is encouraged for self and others
  9. We have creative art projects which are open-ended
  10. We have teacher directed projects which include following steps and listening to the procedure on how to produce a project to take home
  11. We sing silly songs, traditional children's music, and Native American based chants
  12. We encourage fantasy play with costumes